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Party & Private Function Themes

Click on the image to see what Masterpieces you can choose from in each category!


Choose from the Great Masters such as Monet’s bridge over waterlilies or Van Gogh Starry Night? Perhaps Sailboats or Sunflowers or Matisse’s Goldfish?


Choose from the likes of Picasso through to and Cezanne or perhaps a bit of Pop Art and Abstraction?


Let us help you paint your fur baby or perhaps your favourite animal? Simply bring a picture and we can help coach you.


Come and try your hand a portraiture. We guide you through the constructs of the face. Choose from Pop Art portraits or Frida Kahlo.


Try a sensational sunset, a cityscape or a calming seascape. These are available in watercolour or acrylics.

Aboriginal Art

An overview of Aboriginal symbolism and First Nations art awaits you. Learn about X Ray painting and Dot Painting.

Adult’s Only Functions

There are several offerings for adults only. These are due to the nature of the art materials used in the process of creating your piece or they contain adult orientated themes.


We can also design a bespoke theme just for you and your group! Please get in touch via our Contact page to discuss!