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Term 3 Thursday Evening Adult Art Class | 30 July to 17 Sept

30/07/2020 18:00
17/09/2020 20:00
71 Lyons Rd, Drummoyne NSW, Australia   View map
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Welcome to Term 3!


This term, we will be exploring the concepts of  the Environmental Art Movement, its history, how artists produced their artworks and how contemporary artists produce their works today. This is perhaps particularly poignant give the start we have had to 2020 which covered many environmental disasters such as fire, flooding and of course the recent pandemic.


We will explore a variety of artists including JMW Turner, John Constable and Christo and we will take a look at one of our very own tutors’s works, Environmental Artist, Rachel Carroll.  Other components this term will consider installation art, waste to art recycling, smart buildings, urban landscapes and conservation through art. We will explore fine art techniques including, observation, drawing, painting (with various mediums) and sculpture. Students will also explore collage and mixed media using a variety of subject matters and materials.


These will all be grounded in the fine art elements, the elements of design and colour theory.


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Tutor: Ada Leung