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Term 2 Monday Art Class | 4 May to 29 June

04/05/2020 15:45
29/06/2020 17:15
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Welcome to Term 2!

Children will learn about Cubism its history, how artists produced their artworks and how contemporary artists produce their works today.


We will explore a variety of artists from the cubist movement including Paul Cezanne, Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Jaun Gris and Sonia Delaunay. Students will also use a variety of fine art techniques including, observation, drawing, painting, collage and sculpture (with various mediums).

Students will create a Cubist inspired masterpiece on canvas at the end of the term. Children will also receive a visual art diary for their workings.


ART MATERIALS WE SUPPLY: paint set, brushes, watercolour paper, black marker pen, collage items, visual art diary and canvas. This pack can be collected from Studio 71, 71 Lyons Rd Drummoyne.

ART MATERIALS YOU SUPPLY: Water pot, paper towel, extra paper, graphite (lead) pencil, eraser, stick glue, masking tape and a variety of cardboard recycling materials (i.e. egg carton, tissue box, paper towel rolls and small boxes).


To claim your Creative Kids Voucher, please use Coupon Code TC CKV1. If you have more than one child, please add the number of children after each Code for example, Child One is TC CKV1, Child 2 is TC CKV2, Child 3 is TC CKV3 and so on.

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Tutor: Julie Peadon