Term 1 Wednesday TEENS Class | 3 Feb to 24 Mar 2021 | New Students Welcome!

03/02/2021 17:30
24/03/2021 19:00
71 Lyons Rd, Drummoyne NSW, Australia   View map
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Welcome to Term 1 2021!!


Teens will learn about Art Through The Ages, how selected artists produced their artworks and how contemporary artists produce their works today.

We will explore Prehistoric Art, Byzantine Art, the Renaissance, Romanticism and Post Modernism.


We will explore a variety of artists and fine art techniques including, observation, drawing, painting (with various mediums) , design principles and sculpture.

Students will also explore mosaic, collage, pastels, painting, sculpture and mixed media using a variety of subject matter and materials.


Students receive a visual art diary for their workings. Students will create an Art Through the Ages inspired masterpiece to take home!

All tuition, afternoon tea and walk from local school service is included. Extended hours to 6pm on some days is possible. Please ask when you book!




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Tutor: Ada Leung