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Full Day Matisse’s Goldfish & Collage

15/04/2020 09:00
15/04/2020 15:00
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Julie Peadon


You get LIVE online workshop, ART PACK and BONUS 5 days of art projects to do at home!


Two part LIVE workshop in an online ZOOM format for our Henri Matisse Workshop. These two part sessions will be approximately 1.5 hours each, with a break in between for morning tea and lunch. After each LIVE session, students can complete their drawing and painting in their own time.


Students will explore Matisse’s artworks and collage or what he called “painting with scissors”. Techniques will include observation, drawing, collage and painting. Students will produce a Matisse inspired collage and Matisse inspired canvas.


ART MATERIALS WE SUPPLY will include paint set, canvas, brushes, pallet, black marker, collage items and paper. You may pick up the art pack from the studio (71 Lyons Rd, Drummoyne) on Friday 10 April from 9am to 3pm or have it mailed to you at an additional cost of $20 per pack.

ART MATERIALS YOU SUPPLY lead (graphite) pencil, rubber, stick glue, PVA glue, water pot, paper towel and extra paper if required.


When complete, students and parents are encouraged to upload their completed artworks to our Facebook Group “Art Gallery For Kids” under Julie Peadon Art. 


AS A BONUS, students will also receive a further ART BUNDLE with FIVE EXTRA ART ACTIVITIES which they can do at home using the left over paint and materials.


To claim your Creative Kids Voucher, please use Coupon Code FD CKV1. If you have more than one child, please add the number of children after each Code for example, Child One is FD CKV1, Child 2 is FD CKV2 etc.


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PART ONE: 9am to approx 10.30am | Matisse Collage

Morning Tea and Lunch Break

PART TWO: 1.30pm to approx 3.00pm | Matisse Canvas

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